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Syracuse Location Only 

Daycare services Tuesday-Friday 7:00am-5:30pm. 

****Biweekly or weekly enrollment required.

 Each client is required to reserve minimum of 1 visit the same day weekly or biweekly and will be charged regardless of attendance.  All new dogs are limited to half day visits until being eligible for full day visits. Eligibility will be based on the dogs behaviors. 


Pricing available upon request. 

Membership is required monthly through automatic billing for the minimum 2 visit per month requirement or prepaid with cash packages. Additional visits and packages also available 



  • Vaccination records required before first visit. Rabies, distemper, bordetella (kennel cough) and negative fecal (within the past 12 months)

  • Enrollment assessment required for all new clients.

  • Dogs over the age of 7 months must be fixed

  • All dogs that attend must be social and able to play in group setting

  • First day visit is a half day evaluation. 

  • Dogs are required to attend half day visits until being eligible for full day visits. Full day options will be available based on the dogs behavior and energy during the half day visits.  

Instead of sitting home bored, contemplating what trouble they can get into; let them play all day with their buddies!



Dogs are pack animals by nature and most are happiest when interacting with other well-socialized dogs.

When the dogs arrive in the morning they say good-bye to mom and dad and head off to play with their friends. The dogs play in groups that are determined by their size and play style.


1. Exercise & Socialization

Daycare provides the dog with play times throughout the day to express normal doggy behavior. They have the opportunity to meet and play with new dogs and learn how to properly socialize and interact with other dogs. Naturally, day cares run differently. Some provide dogs access to each other all day long for endless play while others have set play times and playgroups for the dogs.

2. Human Contact

During the day while the owner is away at work, the dog doesn’t have to stay home alone. The staff members of the day care interact with the dogs regularly. They are there to interact during play if the dog desires, treats during quiet times, or a good ol’ scratch behind the ear and cuddles.

3. Expert-Supervised Playtime

Often owners themselves are not comfortable monitoring play between dogs. They aren’t familiar with what is appropriate and what is dangerous. A proper daycare has experienced staff that have had training to interpret dog body language so they can ensure all the dogs are comfortable.

4. Relief From Boredom

Crates get a bad reputation sometimes from pet owners. They don’t want to leave their dog crated while they work or when they aren’t home. Not utilizing a crate and establishing good house habits can potentially set the dog up for destructive behaviors when alone. To compromise, owners can send the dog to daycare where they will have plenty of stimulation and opportunities to prevent any boredom.

5. A Good Solution For Busy Owners

Some owners feel guilty for working more than 8 hours and leaving their dog at home. Day care will allow the dog multiple opportunities to potty and be entertained while the owner is away.


It is essential to take the dog’s personality and temperament in to consideration when deciding if doggy day care is right for the dog. The five reasons above list some benefits to day care but day care isn’t for all dogs. Please feel free to contact us, to schedule an appointment. 


Doggy daycare isn’t just a trendy fad. We’re working more hours, and that means less time spent with our dogs. While some dogs are content to sleep the day away, waiting for you to come home, there are many that need a little something extra to do during the day. And that’s where Doggy Daycare comes into play.

Whether you’re dropping your dog off at doggy daycare every day, or just once or twice a week (or month), there are plenty of reasons why your pup will thrive in this environment. Here are our top seven reasons why you should give doggy daycare a go.


Socialization skills

Dogs need to be around other dogs in order to learn how to act properly. They learn what’s appropriate to do and not do, how to introduce themselves to new faces, and how to play nicely with others. If you can, start the socialization training as soon as possible—he’ll become a lot more confident when it comes to interacting with strange dogs.


Outlet for energy

You know what your dog is like when you come home from work—he just can’t wait to play with you… and that may not be the first thing on your mind. But exercise is critical for a healthy and happy dog, and he’ll get it at doggy day care. All that running around and playing is a wonderful way for him to expend excess energy.


I’m so lonely

“Sniff! It’s lonely at home all by myself!” Because your dog can’t actually tell you this in words, he’ll show you by being destructive and chewing on things he shouldn’t. Many dogs don’t like being at home alone and benefit from the company of other dogs. In doggy daycare, your dog will get plenty of attention and playtime with other dogs.


Reasonable prices

Doggy daycare may not be as expensive as you think. We know this is a big reason why you’ve avoided doggy daycare in the past, but prices have come down, thanks to new facilities entering the market. Shop around—some facilities have discounted rates if you buy a package. If you’re only planning on dropping your pooch off a couple times a week, this will cut down on the cost as well.


Bathroom breaks

Occasionally, you’re not in a position to rush home from work to let him out. Hey, we all have to work late unexpectedly. But your dog has been home all day, and he needs to go pee. That’s not a concern when your dog is spending the day at doggie daycare—it’s just one less thing that you don’t have to worry about.


A change of scenery

Even if your dog is fine with being home alone all day, it’s a good idea to change up his routine every once in a while. Give him a break from barking at the mailman and sleeping on the couch. Doggy daycare will be like a mini vacation for him.


Making new doggy friends

We all need friends—and your dog is no exception. Doggy daycare encourages your dog to make new friends. If your dog makes a BFF, you can set up a doggy playdate outside of daycare for walks or a romp at the dog park on the weekend. Besides, it’s a wonderful way for you to meet new dog people.

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